Make your readyMade shirt collars into pin collars shirts

stickPinhalf collar

Diagram FX shows full view of collar.The dots show the tracing path of collar and band. We will use half the collar for tracing. All we need is a pencil,paper,
cardboard and straight pin. When you
have completed your pattern you'll be
able to supper impose the pattern onto
another shirt to test weather it will give
you the results you seek.


stickPinpapers needed

Diagram K shows the collar folded in
half. We need the line at back so we
can work one half the collar. In Digram
CB we have marked the half way mark
at collar back.We will use a straight pin
to penetrate the fabric along the collar
back and along the path as in Diagram
FX. In Diagram L we are using craft
paper, you can use cardboard,poster board or heavy stationary paper.


Trace with a pencil the part of the band and collar show by the black dots. The
white dots you will have to stick the pin
through the fabric at about 3/8" intervals,press hard to make sure you
catch the paper underneath. Don't forget
to mark the pinhole as shown in diagram
FC. After connecting the dots from the
pin pushing you'll end up with a line
drawing as in diagram FC

pin patterncheck out patten

Diagram FP shows the cutout pattern
Observer the hole made on the pattern
to show the position of the pinhole.Now
when you go shopping take the pattern
with you to compare the feasibilty of making the store bought shirt a pin collar. If your off a tad from your pattern don't worry. There are many spreads,length
and styles of pin collars. Experiment until
you find whats good for your style.Test
shirt as shown in diagram TP