Make your readyMade shirt collars into pin collars shirts

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Maldonado's... A custom shirtmaker for over 42years. Originally from Los Angeles, trained and worked with some of the finest shirtmakers. We our a small business that believes in service, no excuses and an establishment that guarantees everything we make or send out to customers world wide.

Yes, we are a real business with a store front located at:10730 Potranco Rd,Suite 122,box 167,San Antonio,Texas 78251. Yes we can provide you phone numbers of customers not located in San Antonio if your in doubt.

We specialize in collar replacement for custom made and readymade shirts. I can't think of any brand or custom made shirt that has not come into our shop since we first created our web site in 2001.

Our concept is to receive a shirt in need of cuffs and collar, copy by making a pattern of the collar and cuffs. Washing and shrinking the fabric before cutting, therefore minimizing the shrinkage of the collar and cuffs. We can make collar and cuffs from a sketch ,photo, or your verbal instruction. We can make your new collars and cuffs any size to fit your shirts.

Our customers have complete access to someone who can answer questions 7 days a week

We normally use a 2X100 Egyptian cotton in Broadcloth or Pinpoint Oxford which is washed and shrunk before contructing your cuffs and collars. In many cases we can cut collars from the shirttail.

We can provide you with details of what you should ask on this method. Questions are: length of shirt, width of the back shirt and the pattern(stripe or solid).Call or email for complete details:1-210-400-5052 Finally we offer a shirt re-cut service from your body measurements.

The pin collar from readymade shirts concept came about by a gentlman in Lake Tahoe,Calfornia who basically had a problem of having plenty of collar pin bars but could not find enough pin collar shirts.These type of shirts normally follow a fashion trend, sometimes being able to find tons and at other times few to select. The man from Lake Tahoe doesn't have that problem anymore.

No matter where you buy your shirts readymade or those made to measure shirts that were cut to big to start can be re-cut.

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